The 1st Finnart Rainbow Guide Unit meet in Greenock Westburn Church youth hall on a Tuesday evening from 5.30 to 6.30 pm

The Rainbow Guider is Mrs Morag McCracken Telephone Number 01475 716310

The Rainbows is for our youngest (5 – 7 years old) girl guides.
Our Programme
The Rainbows’ programme is called the Rainbow Jigsaw to reflect how the varied Rainbow activities link to create a larger balanced picture.
The Rainbow Jigsaw has four areas to give it balance and variety. Each activity a Rainbow does is based on one or more of these areas.

Rainbows Look
This area allows Rainbows to begin to understand that they are part of a wider world.
Rainbows Look includes activities that explore their environment and communities. Rainbows are encouraged to get out and about to discover the world about them and different communities, both local and further afield.
Rainbows Learn
Rainbows learn all the time, both in guiding and in their daily lives. A Rainbow learns in many ways, such as:
• visiting people and places
• having visitors at unit meetings
• being creative through a range of activities
• using technology to communicate
• enjoying activities with other members of their guiding family
• playing games.
A Rainbow learns by doing activities at her meetings. Being a Rainbow should be fun and not at all like school.
Rainbows Laugh
This area of the Rainbow Jigsaw encourages games, songs, parties, celebrations, making a mess and enjoying life.

Rainbows Laugh also has a learning strand, as each Rainbow develops important skills while she:
• forms new friendships
• makes her own choices
• participates in small groups
• has fun.
Rainbows Love
This area is at the heart of the Rainbow Jigsaw. A girl is beginning to understand the concept of ‘love’ when she joins Rainbows through her experiences of caring and sharing with family and friends, and being kind to others. It begins to develop the idea of the commitment to a common standard that is a vital part of belonging to the guiding family. Each Rainbow can develop her understanding of caring through activities, games and the arts, and can explore the concept of spirituality in a wider context.

If you know someone who would like to come along please speak to Morag McCracken

View the Girl’s Guide Rainbows website by clicking here.