Worship @ Home Wednesday

Worship @ Home on Wednesday  18.11.20

Here is an outline of our Worship @ Home on Wednesday which you can use on your own or with other people who are in your household.

 Today we focus on the theme of compassion

Opening Prayer

Lord, when we are still far off

you see us and run to welcome us.

When we panic and start sinking

your arms are quick to hold us up.

When we get lost and wander aimlessly

you never stop searching for us.

And so we come to worship you

for you are our Good Shepherd

and we are the sheep of your pasture.


Readings – Psalm 100, Matthew 9: 35 – 36

Remember times when you have felt compassion for someone and when you have felt the compassion of others …. And give thanks to God.


O God you are full of compassion

and so we come to you with our prayers

For all those finding life bewildering, chaotic and out of their control –

may they find shelter under your wings.

For all those who are disillusioned and have given up hope –

may they feel you reaching out to their need.

For all those who have been persuaded that they are not worth bothering about –

may they blossom, convinced they are loved.

For all those on our hearts and minds

may they know your presence.



Go held in the compassion of God and go to show compassion to others


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