Worship @ Home 27.5.20

Worship @ Home on Wednesday  27.5.20

Over these last weeks in our Wednesday Worship @ Home , we have been reading from the Book of Psalms. I hope that in these ancient words you have found resonances and hope for our situation today and I would encourage you to keep on reading the psalms. Our Wednesday Worship @ Home will be turning to a different theme next week, and so today we read one of the most well known and loved psalms – Psalm 23. Here is an outline of our Worship @ Home on Wednesday which you can use on your own or with other people who are in your household.

Opening words

Guiding us in the wilderness of our lives,

watching over us in times of trouble,

God, our Shepherd, we praise you.

Leading us through the valley,

comforting us in times of pain,

God, our Shepherd, we praise you.

May the familiar words of the psalmist

speak to us anew today .


Bible Reading – Psalm 23


In our minds and hearts we sing these words to familiar tunes and we can remember times when we have learned different versions of the words and different tunes. Sing through the psalm or listen to a version of it . Take time to reflect on the different images …..shepherding, companionship, hospitality, guiding, creation, dwelling places …… which image is most important to you today ?




Shepherding God,

We thank you that

you gather us in your love,

you set us down by peaceful streams,

you prepare a feast for us…

May we respond to your goodness

with the living of all our days

as with our praying for others.

Hear these prayers we offer in the quietness of our hearts…..






Each day, each night

Each dark, each light

Bless us O God




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