Wednesday Worship @ Home 7.10.20

Worship @ Home on Wednesday  7.10.20

Here is an outline of our Worship @ Home on Wednesday which you can use on your own or with other people who are in your household.

In our Worship @ Home we have been focusing on the idea of journeys and pilgrimage, thinking about places of pilgrimage we have visited over the years and the journeys of pilgrimage. We’ve also been taking a pilgrimage walk round the church we call  home ,remembering  different parts of the building, as though stopping  there for a moment to read a bible verse and offer a prayer. For many people the most famous place of pilgrimage in Scotland is Iona, both the island and the Abbey. Visitors to Iona are invited to walk round the island, visiting different places of significance and to reflect on their own journey of life. This usually takes place on a Wednesday. So for our final Wednesday Worship @Home on this pilgrimage theme , we think of  Iona and pray some of the prayers used on the pilgrimage walk .

Setting out

Bless to us O God – the earth beneath our feet.

Bless to us O God – the path whereon we go.

Bless to us O God – the people whom we meet. Amen

The walk takes pilgrims to St Martin’s Cross, the Augustinian Nunnery, the Marble Quarry, St Columba’s Bay, the Machair, the Hermit’s Cell, Dun I – the hill of Iona, and St Oran’s Chapel.

For the journey

Bless to us O God – each thing our eyes see.

Bless to us O God – each sound our ears hear.

Bless to us O God – each odour that goes to our nostrils.

Bless to us O God – each taste that goes to our lips,

Each note that goes to our song , each ray that guides our way. Amen

Blessing for the end of the journey

May God be a bright flame before you,

Be a guiding star above you,

Be a smooth path below you,

Be a kindly shepherd behind you,

Today, tomorrow and forever. Amen

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