Wednesday Worship @ Home 29.7.20

Worship @ Home on Wednesday  29.7..20

Here is an outline of our Worship @ Home on Wednesday which you can use on your own or with other people who are in your household.

Often during the summer months we go on holidays or trips, visiting both new places and favourite places. I wonder if you include visits to churches, cathedrals or pilgrimage walks as you journey from home to somewhere different ? Think about journeys you have made and places where you have experienced something of God

Opening words

God of peace and pilgrimage

God of joy and journeying

God of waiting and walking

Lead us to

dwellings of peace

places of resurrection

moments of grace

Bible Reading –  So many of the stories in the bible are stories of journeys. Take a moment to think about some of those stories. Which is particularly meaningful to you at this time ? Read that story and reflect on what it is saying to you today


God of all our days and all our journeys

Lead us from that which binds to that which frees;

Lead us from that which cramps to that which creates;

Lead us from that which lies to that which speaks truth;

Lead us from that which fades to that which endures

God lead us all our days and on all our journeys

Be our guide, our hope, our light .Amen



Each day, each night

Each dark, each light

Bless us O God


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