Wednesday Worship @ Home 24.6.20

Worship @ Home on Wednesday  24.6.20

In the season after Pentecost we remember the coming if the Holy Spirit, God’s gift to the people enabling them to experience and share God’s love. We celebrate all that the Holy Spirit produces in our lives and seek the flourishing of those gifts in our lives day by day. In our Wednesday Worship @ Home in June, we are focusing on the writings of Paul and in particular on his letter to the Ephesians and learning from the early church what it means to be the church today .  I would encourage you to read the whole of the letter. Here is an outline of our Worship @ Home on Wednesday which you can use on your own or with other people who are in your household.


O God,

help us to understand more of

your love,

your presence,

your word.

Equip us with your gifts,

strengthen us with your armour,

surround us with your grace

so that we can be  bearers of your good news of peace in our time and place

and come to you again and again in prayer. Amen

Bible Reading – Ephesians 6 :10  –20

Paul calls us to rely on God, putting on the armour of God, so that we can live in God’s way, announcing the good news of peace and praying for all people.

Paul says ‘ Do all this in prayer, asking for God’s help. Pray on every occasion as the Spirit leads. For this reason keep alert and never give up, pray always for all God’s people.’

Today find a quiet moment, a quiet corner, time on a walk or time looking out the window and keep saying those words again and again , pausing between saying the words to offer your prayers for those on your minds and in your hearts today.

Read the words or sing through the hymn ( 465 ) Be thou my vision


Each day, each night

Each dark, each light

Bless us O God


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