Wednesday Worship @ Home 20.5.20

Worship @ Home on Wednesday  20.5.20

In the Book of Psalms we find many emotions being expressed, many questions being asked, many stories being told, many poems being written, many songs being sung, all being offered to God as different expressions  of worship. Today we gather round Psalm 121.From many parts of Greenock , we can see the river and the Argyll hills and we can recognise the question of the Psalmist and the writer’s own reply in the first two verses of the psalm as in the beauty, the history, the constancy of the hills , the faithfulness, love and mercy of God are reflected. Here is an outline of our Worship @ Home on Wednesday which you can use on your own or with other people who are in your household.

Opening words

This day is your gift to me;

I take it, Lord, from your hand

And thank you for the wonder of it.


Bible Reading – Psalm 121




O God ,

We turn our eyes to the hills and see signs of

your constancy,

your faithfulness

your love

and we give you thanks and praise.

We lean our hearts towards you and sense

your presence,

your care,

your love

and we give you thanks and praise.

You the Maker

of heaven and earth ,

of mountain and hills,

of all the colours of creation

are the one who comes to help us.

O God hear our prayers for all who need your help, care and love today….

Bring peace to all who are weary or troubled this day





Each day, each night

Each dark, each light

Bless us O God



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