Virtual Treasure Trail

Why not try something a wee bit different?  David Burnie has put together a Treasure Trail which you can complete on your daily walk , if you are able to go out and about, or using Google street view , if you are not able to go out for daily walks. The clues and more information are below along with the opportunity to make a donation to support the work of Ardgowan Hospice.

Greenock: Westburn ( Badminton Club )

Lockdown virtual walk –  treasure hunt


In this period of lockdown here is some light relief

if you take your time it should not give you too much grief.

The starting point is plain to see it’s in the title just look and see.

The rules are simple for you to know each clue directs you where to go.

Please read all question before you start.

There is no charge a donation would not go a miss


Methods to complete can be by walking, cycling or using street view in google maps.

Answers are in my head it might be right, but so there be no spite, I will look favourably not to give a fright.

1. First the place to begin.

The steeple’s bare just take the time to stand and stare.



2. Head north with one eye the road you find it’s not a patch



3.The Telegraphs’ most pictured building visit only if you go astray



4. Kilblain Square has changed by George the regnal number I suppose




5. Now the road we are united, but don’t get too excited.




6.West, we go now not too slow, ancient relics inside should be on show a facelift now finished.



7.Across the street smile they are all so neat



8.Surely no bingo double housey here by our Irish saint



9.The traffic lights are green for go, a sport nearby to have a throw



10.Too early for tea you must resist it’s money in the bank



11.A bridge too far where did it come from (makers plate)



12.What church goes there it must be well oiled (3in1) Name 3 names



13.In the past another sport of different sort don’t go spare just take the lot



14.North for soup not 57 ways they are always coming



15.By steering right, a working social club that’s changed to a bygone era



16.Time for a dip but not just yet so tread the boards, sorry too late



17.Another church its second home but where did it come from brick by brick



18.Along the splash but do not dash a terrace first



19.Name the street the sly old thing bush tail to keep things neat



20.Two yellow poles if I am bold the reason is to be foretold



21.Turn up at the cake for goodness sake



22.A place of learning with two names one real the other fictional


_____________________ _____________________

23.From ashes it’s just not cricket for beginners



24.Right with Isaac still skyward bound a park concealed the name I need revealed



25.Climb, climb up sugar mountain to the top we go



26.The girl stands steadfastly proud but not too loud remember



27.To the trig we’ve to go when you get there don’t lose your top



28.Back to start the reason comes clear, should then appear so please dig deep donations please to this worthy cause before you cheer




We hope you have enjoyed your trek. Return to

Answers will then be supplied

Donations always welcome- at this time we are raising funds to support the work of Ardgowan Hospice

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