Together on Tuesdays 28.7.20

Together on Tuesdays  28.7.20

We remember now, more than ever, that we are part of a community – of families and friends, of neighbours near and far.

With thanks to Douglas Scott for today’s thought

                                   BRIDGE BUILDERS

Recently there have been moves to establish air bridges between countries where there are mutually low levels of covid. This would be in an effort to reinvigorate tourism. I heard some people saying that these air bridges would also be a boon for folk who don’t like travelling in planes!

How important bridges are in all our lives! When we are travelling bridges help us to cross what otherwise might be insurmountable chasms or barriers such as rivers, gorges or other such obstacles. Some bridges might appear at first sight to be flimsy and precarious to cross, but if we pluck up courage to venture forward they can support us and help us to make it safely across and to reach out destination.

In our daily lives sometimes we can find it difficult to connect and relate to other people, and we can be separated by barriers or chasms of hostility or suspicion or prejudice. In John’s gospel, 1:43-51, we read about how Philip was a sort of bridge builder who helped Nathaniel to connect with Jesus despite Nathaniel’s initial doubts and hesitations.

Maybe we know some bridge builders who have enabled us to overcome the obstacles of suspicion, hostility or prejudice that can prevent us from having valuable contact and fruitful relationships. And in turn maybe there are occasions when we can be bridge builders, helping others to come together and establish friendly links.

In these times does our world need bridge builders like Philip?

As Christians we have faith that Jesus is a bridge builder who helped to bring people together through acts of love and compassion. If we follow his way he can be our bridge across seemingly insurmountable barriers, and maybe also inspire us to be bridges to each other, as reflected in the old song; “Like a bridge over troubled water I will lay me down.”

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