Together on Tuesdays 26.5.20

Together on Tuesdays  26.5.20


We remember now, more than ever, that we are part of a community – of families and friends, of neighbours near and far.


Thanks to Liz Irvine for sharing her thoughts on ’doors’. Take time to pray for those behind the doors you pass when out for a walk or the neighbours whose doors you can picture.


During the last 9 weeks that I have been at home I have had to find various activities to pass the time.  One of these was doing jigsaws. After completing all the ones I had not done I returned to an old one that was a picture of 12 doors. The doors were all different- in size and colour, some with glass panes, some had plants outside, some looked inviting and others you would walk past. This made me think of all the different and many doors that had been knocked on during the last weeks by neighbours or even strangers all wanting to do their bit to help. I am sure there was a welcome when these doors were opened and people could just have a chat or help could be given when needed.

In the weeks to come more doors will open to us but I hope that we do not forget the friendships and community spirit that have grown around us and people continue to knock on doors. I will leave you with this thought

God never shuts one door but HE opens another


Take care everybody




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