Together on Tuesdays 23.6.20

Together on Tuesdays  23.6.20

We remember now, more than ever, that we are part of a community – of families and friends, of neighbours near and far.

Reflections on the Quay on Sunday was led by Sally Foster- Fulton from Christian Aid and Graeme McMeekin from Tearfund , highlighting the importance of being good neighbours , locally and globally in these days. Sunday 21st June was the end of Refugee Week but the work here and across the world of supporting and partnering with those who find themselves refugees carries on as Covid-19 has a huge impact on people in situations where self isolating and  physical distancing are  almost impossible and where supplies of clean water and necessary health services are very  limited. Take time to find out more about the challenges others are facing and use the words of this hymn which we have sung in church , as a prayer.

I have a voice

You have a voice

We have a voice

and when we sing together

A line is drawn; and hope reborn

his is the song, the song of Kingdom Come.

We heard the cries of distant neighbours

The dispossessed , the refugee

And God’s command to feed the hungry

And set them free , and set them free

We heard the Word, the New Commandment

And we reclaimed the prophet’s call

To love the world without condition God’s love for all, God’s love for all

 A reckless love that knows no borders

That speaks the truth  to those in power

That shines a light on cruel indifference

This is God’s hour, this is God’s hour

 When we will stand against injustice

 With all who live against the grain

 Until their poverty is over

 And love shall reign, and love shall reign

 We won’t stand by while sisters suffer

Or turn blind eyes to ruthless wrong

Our psalm of praise will be compassion 

 This Kingdom Song ,this Kingdom song

 A song of love and liberation 

 Of healing hope  and lasting peace

 A taste of life in all its fullness

God’s masterpiece , God’s masterpiece

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