Thankfulness on Thursdays 28.5.20

Thankfulness on Thursdays  28.5.20

Here’s a wee word from Morag which helps us to think about the talents we have , to thank God for them and to ask God to help us to share them with others.

Morag here,  I’m taking a wee break from lockdown life to share a wee thought with you all.  I hope everyone is doing ok and staying safe and sane!!

I love crafting, I think it started by having a Mum who was a Domestic Science Teacher (Home Ec these days!!) and who was often sewing, dressmaking, embroidering or something.  It continued as I tried to find different crafts and activities for the girls to try when leading the Guides, Brownies and Rainbows and so although still working I have found a fair bit of time over the last 8 weeks completing most of my many works in progress – a jumper for Gordon (my son), a couple of blankets for Compassionate Inverclyde, a baby cardigan, some facemasks for work colleagues and an 81 square crochet project that will now be known as my  Lockdown Blanket!!

I thank God every day for these talents, if that’s what they are!  Many times I think to myself that I am a Jack of all trades master of none!  I am glad that I can put my talents to use and to share with other people some of the items that I’ve produced.


I found this verse  and I feel that this for me has been the essence of lockdown!!

‘Lead a quiet life and work with your hands’ 1 Thessalonians 4: 11
I pray we will all be able to meet together again soon and safely until then know that we are all held safe in God’s hands



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