Thankfulness on Thursdays 15.10.20

Text - 'Thank You'

When I was starting out as a Reader, I did a children’s address on thankfulness.  I think it was in Westburn Church, so some of you may remember.  I asked the children what they were thankful for, and one boy, it would be a boy of course, answered with that laugh which children have when they think their answer is a bit naughty – toilets!

And so we put toilets on our list of things to be thankful for.  Because he was right, we ought to thank God for our toilets.  Before we had good sanitation, many people died of illnesses due to the poor conditions, and sadly many people still do in developing countries.  Perhaps we ought to consider joining the Toilet Twinning scheme and help to provide sanitation for people in countries which are not as fortunate as we are.

During the lockdown, we were thankful for many of our key workers who provided services for us.  The obvious ones like doctors and nurses, but also the supermarket assistants and lorry drivers who kept us fed, and the bin men who cleared away our rubbish – again helping to prevent disease.  But did we remember those who kept us supplied with water so that we could keep washing our hands as we were told to do, and kept our sewage system working?  Probably not, or not much.  And yet, these are some of the most important key people.

We remember to thank God for our families, our friends, our homes, our jobs, all the material possessions which we have, for the natural world, but today let’s thank God for our toilets, for clean water and for all the people who work to keep these services available for us and keep us safe.

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