Sunday @ 7 time of prayer 31.5.20

Sunday @ 7 –  31.5.20

Please have your candle ready.

If you begin the worship time and video at 6.57p.m. , you should be joining in the prayer at 7p.m.

Good evening and welcome to our Sunday@ 7 prayer from the garden of Westburn Parish Church Manse where in the branches of the trees I have placed reminders of the promised Holy Spirit now given to the church, to you and to me, in all our different places , enabling us to be the ones who experience and share God’s love in new and different ways. The colours of flames, the feathers of doves are moving around in the breeze as we celebrate that God’s Spirit is not still but moving among us  and between us , breathing the life and presence of God into our lives and world.


We  join together with our sisters and brothers across the land in the words of the prayer I sent to you earlier. Let us pray –

Almighty God, by your Spirit, you brought order from chaos.
By your brooding Spirit, hovering over the void, you spoke and there was … something rather than nothing.
Create and recreate in and through us, we pray.

Almighty God, by your Spirit, you equipped and gifted and led our ancestors to know you and to serve you and to glorify you.
Continue to equip and enable us, we pray.

And then, Almighty God, as promised by the prophets and as never before, you poured out your Spirit on these first believers – on men and women, on the old and the young; and they were transformed and made alive, as dry bones brought to life.
Pour out your Spirit on us, we pray.

Almighty God, in these turbulent and uncertain times, send us the Comforter, that we might know you to be near. Grant us your healing touch and help us to know the rest that comes from resting in you.
For the loving touch of your Spirit, we pray.

Almighty God, by what seemed as a rushing wind and as tongues of fire you brought your Church to life.
Come to your Church now, we pray, that by the same Spirit we might be renewed and refreshed and remade and revived.
Yes, Lord, grant us a fresh outpouring of your Spirit, we pray.

And all our prayers we offer in the name of our Lord and Saviour, none other than Jesus Christ. Amen.


Let us hear the Word of God

Joel 2: 28 – 29

Acts 2: 1 – 4

Holy Spirit of God,

never contained in words ,

yet words help us to catch a glimpse of you.


Holy Spirit of God :-

breath of new life,

dove of peace,

flame of hope,

wind of change.


Holy Spirit of God :-

song of joy,

shout of protest,

whisper of comfort,

cry of longing.


Holy Spirit of God:-

bringer of light,

giver of dreams,

source of creativity,

spring of imagination.


Holy Spirit of God :-

bestower of gifts,

nurturer of possibilities,

encourager of co-operation,

grower of community.

Holy Spirit of God…..

Take a few moments to reflect on these and other images of the Holy Spirit…. Which one is most helpful to you at this time ?


Music- Spirit of the living God , fall afresh on me


May the blessing of the Spirit of fire, warm you.

May the blessing of the Spirit of wind, energise you.

May the blessing of the Spirit of the holy dove, fill you with peace

This night and always. Amen

Youtube – Ferryhill Virtual Choir – Breath of life & Hail thou festival day

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