Sunday @ 7 Evening Prayer 24.5.20

Sunday @ 7 –  24.5.20

Please have your candle ready.

If you begin the worship time and video at 6.58p.m. , you should be joining in the prayer at 7p.m.

Good evening and welcome to our Sunday@ 7 prayer .

This evening we join together with Christians across the country in prayer. This has become a regular and important part of our worship and our lives as we remember that even though we are physically apart from friends and family we are united in God’s love. This time of prayer also brings us together in our concerns for others .

Across the country people have answered the call to pray at the same time each week in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rt Rev Dr Martin Fair said: “I’m delighted to have read that in the last couple of months google searches for ‘prayer’ have increased dramatically.

“But reading about what prayer is and how to do it is the only the start of it. After that it’s time to actually pray!

“And what better than to join with brothers and sisters from across the nation at 7pm on Sunday to pray our way through this ongoing crisis. I commend it to you and look forward to being with you, in Spirit, on Sunday evening.”

“In the Gospel of John (17: 1-11), Jesus prays for his disciples in anticipation of the time when he will no longer be with them. What is it that he prays for? Jesus asks the Father to ‘protect’ his friends. Whilst he was with them, Jesus protected and shielded the disciples and later in his prayer he prays for each one of us. The ascended Lord Jesus continues to pray for us and assures us that his presence will be renewed through the gift of the Holy Spirit.”

We pray:

Living God and gracious Father,
Protect and shield us.
Living God, protect and shield
All whom we love,
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Living God, your Son now sits in your presence
And shares in your glory and honour.
We thank you for the promise
That his presence shall be renewed for us,
Through the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Living God, we thank you that Jesus prayed for us
And that he continues to intercede for us.
We thank you that he continues to pray
For us and for our protection,
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.


And we take a few moments of quiet prayer as we listen to some music


Christ be beside you

Christ be before you

Christ be behind you

Christ be within you

Christ be below you

Christ be above you

Now and always



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