Together on Tuesdays 24.3.20

Together on Tuesdays 24.3.20

We remember now ,more than ever, that we are part of a community – of families and friends, of neighbours near and far.

I invite you to picture in your mind places in our community that you would often walk past, almost without a second glance because they are there, part of what we see, part of what makes up our community day by day.

Nursing homes and GP practices, schools and nurseries, hospital and hospice, supermarkets and corner shops , offices of charities and support agencies. In all of these places and more things are changing for people.

Choose one of these places and offer a prayer for the people there,the work that goes on in caring and serving others and the responsibilities and challenges being faced at this time. And pray too for all who are hurting, anxious and ill today.

And as you pray for others may God bless you through these words from a morning prayer from the Scargill Community

Spirit of peace

Quiet our hearts

Heal our anxious thoughts

Free us from our fretful ways

Breathe on us your holy calm

So that in the stillness of your presence

We may open ourselves to trust and be transformed. Amen

Professor Jason Leitch is featured on a short video on the Church of Scotland website – please take time to watch .

Thank you