Messy Monday 23 March

Messy Monday 23.3.20

Hi everyone

Every Monday we will be posting something here for children and families and we hope you will join us. Whether you already know us at Westburn Parish Church, through Sunday School, Messy Church or any of our organisations for children and young people or whether you have just come across us at this time, you are very welcome.

There will be links to different activities and websites and we hope you will enjoy being part of our Messy Mondays community. Please check back here on other days too as there might be other information that’s helpful to you or your family.

To begin why don’t you check out The Scottish Bible Society’s website and it’s Children’s Resources page – there are lots of ideas of things to do .

We all love singing Fischy songs in church, Messy Church and at school. As well as all the resources on the Fischy website and Fischytunes, Fischy Music are offering a live Fischy Music assembly on a Monday at 11a.m.-

And at the end of today remember to say the blessing we use at Messy Church

From the top of our heads, to our shoulders, to our knees, to our toes

May the love of God be with us wherever we are.