Friday Focus – 27 March

Friday Focus

How do we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land ?

The people of Israel found themselves in a strange land and sat down to weep by the rivers of Babylon . Like them we need both the old, familiar words, songs, stories and poems of our faith and words which speak into a new situation.

Read the words of Psalm 103 and focus on the ways these ancient words echo in today’s situation.

The read  the words of a brand new hymn –prayer by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette ( used with permission)  written for the times we find ourselves in.


When We Face an Unknown Future
BEACH SPRING D (“God Whose Giving Knows No Ending”)

When we face an unknown future that we can’t imagine yet,
when the closeness we have treasured turns from blessing into threat—
As we miss our friends and loved ones, as we crave community,
may we look, God, in this season, for a whole new way to be.

Jesus faced the lonely desert as a time to look within.
There he met such trial and conflict; there he knew you were with him.
In this time of separation when we miss the life we’ve known,
may we hear your voice proclaiming: “I am here! You’re not alone.”

May we cherish those around us as we never have before.
May we think much less of profit; may we learn what matters more.
May we hear our neighbours’ suffering; may we see our neighbours’ pain.
May we learn new ways of offering life and health and hope again.

God, when illness comes to threaten, and when so much here goes wrong,
may we know this thing for certain— that your love is sure and strong.
You’re beside us in our suffering, and when times are surely tough,
we may face an unknown future, but it’s filled, Lord, with your love.


Tomorrow we have a Coffee Morning at Home at 11a.m.,so fill your favourite mug, have a biscuit and be ready to phone someone you would usually meet at a coffee morning. Also check back for details of Sunday@7