Messy Mondays 5.10.20

Messy Monday  5.10.20

Hello  Messy  Monday Friends

This Harvest time we say thank you to God for the AMAZING world we live in.

Hooray for our amazing world

The sun that gives it light,

The sky above, the sea and land,

The moon that shines by night.

Hooray for clouds, and for the rain

That makes each tiny seed

Grow into plants that give us fruit,

And all the food we need.

Hooray for everything alive;

The birds up in the trees,

The animals both wild and tame,

The fish in lakes and seas.

I want to thank you, God

I want to thank you every day.

For all these things that you have made

I’ll sing and shout ‘Hooray’

Why not draw a picture or take a photo or make a video of something  in our world that makes you shout ‘Hooray’ ?

Take care and stay safe

From Karen and all the Messy Church Team 

And at the end of today remember to say the blessing we use at Messy Church

From the top of our heads, to our shoulders, to our knees, to our toes

May the love of God be with us wherever we are. Amen

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