Messy Mondays 29.6.20

Messy Monday  29.6.20

Hello  Messy  Monday Friends  

One of our favourite songs at Messy Church is’ Welcome Everybody’  – we know the words and the actions. Can you sing the chorus in your house ?

Jesus told his followers that God welcomed each one of them . Jesus asked the disciples to welcome others and all those who belonged with those others, their friends and family,  and to welcome the ones often left behind or left out.

Here is a prayer about welcoming

Jesus says: “Welcome, all are welcome.”

That includes me and you and everyone.

Really God? Me? And everyone? Even them?

 Thank you, God, that you welcome us all.

Thank you that you love each of us, every one of us.

 You are truly awesome.

Your love is awesome, making me awesome. Thank you, God. Amen.  

You could make a  banner for your front door or gate or bunting for your garden  that says ’Hello’ or ‘Welcome’. You could use card or paper or fabric. Or write a message on your path or on the pavement with chalk

Take care and stay safe

From Karen and all the Messy Church Team 

And at the end of today remember to say the blessing we use at Messy Church

From the top of our heads, to our shoulders, to our knees, to our toes

May the love of God be with us wherever we are. Amen

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