Messy Mondays 25.5.20

Messy Monday  25.5.20


Hello there Messy  Monday Friends

How are you all doing  Its Morag here from the Messy Church team.

I live on Ardgowan Square , beside the bowling green and while we have been on lockdown I have seen more and more of what I now think is at least 2 foxes who live in and around the bowling green.  I had never seen them before lockdown, I think because it is usually so busy with people and cars around, but I have wasted away a fair bit of time sitting at the window watching for them.

One day when I was out walking with our dog I saw a stone that someone had painted which had a beautiful picture of a fox on it but when I went back the next day to take a picture it had gone.  Have any of you been painting stones and hiding them for people to find?

I am loving the fact that life is a wee bit quieter and I can enjoy seeing the seasons changing and enjoying the wildlife around my home, all these things created by God.


God thank you for the world you have made

Thank you for the animals and the plants and the flowers

Help us to pause and enjoy the fantastic world that we live in


I love the Percy the Park Keeper Stories and I recently discovered they have a Facebook page, worth a look!

There you will find  pictures for you to print and colour in

STAY SAFE everyone  –  from all the Messy Church Team

And at the end of today remember to say the blessing we use at Messy Church


From the top of our heads, to our shoulders, to our knees, to our toes


May the love of God be with us wherever we are. Amen










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