January 4 – New Heart

“I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you.”   Ezekiel 36:26

When a lobster loses its claw in a fight, it can create a new claw. Likewise, a starfish can grow new arms and legs and worms can recreate themselves when they are injured or harmed.  Human beings do not have this same ability. We are not able to grow new limbs, as and when we would like to replace the old ones.  However, although we cannot make ourselves an actual new heart, we do have the ability to make ourselves new from the inside out. I am not a fan of New Year resolutions, but a challenge for us all to be more caring is surely worth trying.

Lord God. Thank you for your miraculous power, that allows us to have a new heart and new enriched spirit.  With that, we are complete and can begin again, new in you and in your service.                                                 Amen.

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