Friday Focus

Friday Focus    20.11.20

Thanks to Hazel Munro for today’s Friday Focus.

The Comfort of the Hills. 

We often talk about going for a walk to clear our heads or to blow away the cobwebs.  It is amazing how the simple act of walking can give us fresh ideas to take forward or simply put our problems back into perspective.

Throughout lockdown, we have been informed of the benefits of getting outside and taking a walk for our mental health.  Even now, with the days being short, we are still encouraged to get outside every day in November. Fresh air and natural light are good for our body, our mind and possibly more importantly, our soul. 

An old neighbour of mine, if he was not at his church on a Sunday morning, used to take himself away for a few hours either to the seashore or to the hills. He said that it was there, with the wind blowing on his face, that he felt a sense of God’s spirit being at work directing his thoughts and plans.

We are not all able to get to the coast or to go climbing hills, but we can use our imaginations to spend time at the seashore or on a hillside, with the wind of God directing our mood and our thoughts.

I recently came across a poem, which seems to sum up this same feeling.  It is by Will H Ogilvie and is called The Comfort of The Hills. 

The first verse reads:

Heart! If you’ve a sorrow

Take it to the hills!

Lay it where the sunshine

Cups of colour spills!

Hide it in the shadow

Of the folding fern;

Bathe it in the coolness

Of the brown hill burn;

Give it to the west wind

Blowing where it wills;

Heart! If you’ve a sorrow

Take it to the hills!

If you have a little time on your hands, look up the rest of the poem – it is quite short but well worth a read.  Take comfort.

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