Friday Focus 26.6.20

Friday Focus 26.6.20

Thanks to Douglas Scott for this week’s Friday Focus

                         LOST FOR WORDS

Have you ever been lost for words? This is something that can happen to us if we are taken aback by some extraordinary experience in our lives, maybe something traumatic. It can even happen to ministers, whose eloquence usually knows no bounds! In a crisis such as this sometimes the words of a familiar prayer can help us out.

Margot Kaessmann is a very well known minister in the German Protestant Church. She has written many books, some of which are bestsellers, and she often appears on German television in religious discussion programmes. She certainly knows how to speak for herself. But she recalls that once as a young and inexperienced minister she had to conduct the funeral service of a little five year old girl. In the church she approached and looked down at the open coffin. The little girl lay there, in one hand a lily of the valley and in the other a Barbie doll.

Margot Kaessmann suddenly felt lost for words. What could she possibly say that might sound genuine and offer comfort to grieving parents and grandparents and others there? Eventually she slowly began to recite the Lord’s Prayer, and gradually those present joined in.

Ever lost for words? Maybe rely at such times on a familiar prayer.

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