Friday Focus 23.10.20

Friday Focus    23.10.20

One of the oldest things in my house is a copy of the New Testament in Greek. I bought it from a second hand bookshop when I did a year of NT Greek in my divinity course. It was published in 1860 and sold , at some point ,from William Logan Bookseller in Glasgow. Written inside the front pages are the names of the first few people who owned the book, along with the places where they lived – someone from Aberdeen in 1874 and someone from King’s College in 1913.(probably King’s College , Aberdeen  , but perhaps King’s College , Cambridge or King’s College, London ) It would have been interesting if more people had added names and dates and places to the list to see where the book had been over the years. I can only imagine the different hands that book has gone through and how it has influenced their studies and their lives.

Perhaps you have a copy of the bible at home which is part of the story of your family or a church you have been part of. Perhaps you have a favourite bible which you always turn to, its pages opening to the passages which are special to you. Today we can get access to many translations of the bible online.

Sunday 25th October is Bible Sunday – let us make sure our bibles and the stories we read there are part of the story of our lives every day.

You can find out more about the work of the Scottish Bible Society and the ways it helps to bring the bible to people in Scotland and across the world by going to their website

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