Friday Focus 19.6.20

Friday Focus 19.6.20

Thanks to Patricia Robertson for this week’s Friday Focus

The following thoughts “Trees with Character”came from an Eddie Askew book, where he compares people as trees

Psalm 1: 3

He is like a tree planted beside a watercourse, which yields its fruit in season and its leaf never withers

(New English Bible)


He shall be like the tree plantit by the watter; it fruits gey weel in its season;

(Psalms for the People – Jamie Stuart)

The meditation states that trees have characters, are individuals tall or bushy, thick or thin, well established or struggling – they’re just like us, each with their own character.

Let us for a moment compare ourselves with the different trees –

Old oak trees – folk who have seen it all – battle scarred by life’s winds but they are strong, they’ve survived

Beech trees – smooth and elegant who grow more graceful the older they get

Scots Pine – a bit dry and sombre, strong characters who take life seriously, with a whiff of self-denial about them

Willow and Silver Birches – softer, gentler

Horse Chestnuts – dependable, fertile, generously offering their conkers every year

Finally, there are saplings of all types – young, adaptable and full of promise.

At this time, it might not be so easy to decide which tree describes you best because of the circumstances in the world just now. However, when we come out of this pandemic, I wonder which tree would describe you

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