Heart & Soul 2014

No 1No 7Once again a group of us headed off to Edinburgh for the event of the year!!

We left a miserable, wet Greenock and travelled east,  to be welcomed by a warm and dry city. (No coats or umbrellas needed).

No 2No 3Most of us had a nice picnic lunch on the bus, but for the people who didn’t there were plenty of food and coffee stalls available on arrival at the gardens. Once there we split into our small groups and went off to do our own thing.

The afternoon was our own to wander around, or if you had prepared earlier, to attend specific events such as:





Also along in St. Cuthbert’s there were other more reflective and informative events going on like “Is your congregation welcoming or inviting?”  What answer would we at Westburn give?

No 6No 9On top of all that there were exhibitions from all areas of The Church of Scotland and also from individual churches from Malta to The Orkneys.  And let’s not forget the “Spill The Beans” marquee where the Countess of Wessex just happened to stop for a chat with Karen. She must have heard about the free jelly beans!!  (See if you can spot Edward and Sophie in one of the pictures).

 no 5No 8All too soon it was time for the closing worship, where everyone gathers at the bandstand. In my opinion this is not to be missed.  Standing on a warm and dry night alongside people of faith from across the world, singing and praising God in the open air, with Edinburgh Castle standing guard over you.  This is one of those moments when you know and feel the presence of God.

 No 4No 10I know it’s hard to get enthusiastic about something you have not experienced before but why not come along with us next year and share in the fun, fellowship and faith with people from around the world.