Family Events

On Friday 15th January we held our first family event of the year at Westburn, with the showing of the film “Frozen” – sing-a-long version.

We hoped it would be a success and that at least a few people would turn up and join us for a fun night.

Obviously word had got around and we were overjoyed when approx. 80-90 parents and children appeared, with lots of them in costume. We had loads of Princess Elsa, a few Annas’, a Kristoff and 2 excellent snowmen among the crowd.

Everyone seemed to have a good time. The film and singing were great, the ice cream, crisps and sweets even better, but most of all it was lovely to see so many children enjoying themselves. Not only in watching the film but exploring the sanctuary and making full use of the ailes for running about and chasing each other.

By the end of the evening the younger ones were getting tired, ready to go home and straight to bed, but from all the positive feedback we have received, “looking forward to our NEXT EVENT”


Thanks to everyone who came along and also to those who helped out on the night.

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