Easter Early Bird Service 2013

Once again the Early Birds of Greenock Westburn made their way (either by foot or by car) to the top of Greenock’s Lyle Hill.

They gathered for a simple act of worship conducted by Douglas Scott who was assisted by Anna Seggie. The musical accompaniment was provided by two members of the Stedfast Band.

On an clear  morning with a light east wind, over thirty people took part in a simple but moving act of worship in a very peaceful setting.

At the end of the Service we returned to the church hall to be met by Patricia Robertson, who had prepared a breakfast of orange juice, bacon and slice sausage rolls. hot cross buns together with tea and coffee.

All agreed that the fellowship enjoyed was worth the early morning rise,

Once again we can truly say :- Who would believe that in over twenty years of having this Service – it has NEVER RAINED