Church Car Run 2014

On Wednesday 25th June, the annual church car run took place.

DSC_2937DSC_2930Volunteer drivers picked up over thirty members from their homes and took them for a drive around various places.

There was talk of Kilmalcolm, Bridge of Weir, Houston, Langbank, and Largs. Then there was over the Erskine Bridge and beyond to places such as Lomond Shores.

DSC_2937DSC_2934Eventually, they found their way back to the church hall to be welcomed by our minister Karen Harbison.Going into the hall they were faced with tables laden with a delightful array of food for supper. The supper had been prepared by ladies of Pastoral & Social Committees.



DSC_2933DSC_2929As a cup of coffee or tea was enjoyed, the travelers exchanged stories of where they had been and generally caught up on the latest gossip.





DSC_2939DSC_2940As the evening drew to a close, we were entertained by Calum & Eilidh Harbison who treated us to a selection of old Scottish songs and music.

Items such as ‘Oh ye cannae fling pieces oot a twenty story flat.’ went down a treat.

To finish the evening, Karen thanked everyone who had made the evening possible, the organisers, drivers and those who had prepared the food. Most important were the passengers who were the special guests for the evening.