The Guild

Greenock Westburn Church Guild meets in the Church lounge on a Tuesday evening from 7.30pm until 9,00

The programme is organised by a Leadership Team with the main point of contact being Mrs Senga Currie Telephone No. 01475 791784  and the Secretary is  Mrs Anna Seggie  Telephone No. 01475 721731

Everybody is welcome to come along and enjoy the companionship.

For further details, please contact either Senga currie or Anna Seggie

View the Church of Scotland Guild web site by clicking here.

In the year 2015, the Guild produced an Action Plan. The following lists extracts from the Plan:-

Change is about the acknowledgement of the present and the anticipation of the future   ….It is not about criticism of the past!”

The Action Plan 2015-17 is

  • Response to an instruction from the Assembly
  • Welcomed as it gives us the chance to reflect on our work
  • Only a stage on a never ending road…consultation to continue and to be the “norm”

Looking Back

Since 1887, the Guild has thrived and survived

  • The longevity of the Guild is based on its ability to adapt.
  • The life of the Guild is absolutely based on our motto “Whose we are and whom we serve”

Tenets of The Guild


Survival of the fitted!

  • The Guild has sought to work in its time
  • The Guild has embraced change as a fundamental part of being a living organisation
  • The Guild will survive if it holds to its tradition of change rather than looking backwards

Change is Life

  • Individuals, species, societies, cultures have to change to survive
  • New growth brings hope and energy and builds on what was there before
  • Not to change is to go backwards and to disappear

So…what are the options?

  • We manage the decline in numbers, leading to a much smaller organisation (or even total demise)


  • We take some risks and bite some bullets to meet the future head-on like the Guild has always done!

So what challenges does the future Guild face?

Membership              Branding and perceptions                Communications         Operations and structures

 Anatomy of A Guild Member

Ears – Used for listening about Projects

Brain – Used for thinking about others

Mouth – Used to to speak up for those who need encouragement and support

Hands – not just used for making tea but also for affecting social change, raising making money for worthy causes, lifting up those who are down  and applauding the efforts of those who are making a difference to the world.

Heart – Used in caring for the church, the local community, the country and the world

Feet – Used to carry the member in service to whereever they are needed.

We never stop learning.  We love to use our energy to serve our churches and communities

The Guild contibutes hugely to the life of our congregations. They are, in many ways, the backbone of the church

(Rt Rev Angus Morrison, C of S Moderator)

Let yout lightshine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven – Matthew 5:16

We are BOLD


We are the GUILD