About Us


The Rev Karen E. Harbison was inducted to Greenock Westburn Church on Thursday 6th February 2014.

Previously and on March 4th 2012 the Very Rev Bill Hewitt  left our church to join the Interim Ministry team of the Church of Scotland. This was following a ministry lasting for a period of 18 years.

During a period of vacancy lasting nearly 2 years, we were ably served by the Rev Morris Coull B.D. acting as Interim Moderator.


Greenock Westburn was formed on November 29th 2006, with the existing churches of Greenock St. Luke’s and St. George’s North uniting to form Greenock Westburn Church of Scotland.

The origin of our Church buildings dates back over four hundred years.

A fuller history can be found on our History page.

Due to the circumstances of the Union, we were initially served by the two Ministers in place at the time of the Union i.e.

Rev W. Douglas Hamilton B.D. (formally of St George’s North) who retired in June 2009 and

Rev William C. Hewitt B.D. Dip.P.S. (formally of St. Luke’s)

We were honoured that at the General Assembly of 2009, Bill was elected to be the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.